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Parkinson's Awareness Toolkit: Awareness Advice from the Pros 

Order Awareness Advice from the Pros: A Parkinson's Awareness Toolkit by and for the Parkinson's Community, which offers tips and tools for raising awareness in your community and features the personal stories of individuals fighting Parkinson's.

To help you find ideas, the kit is organized into four sections:

  • Share: Includes tips on putting PD in the papers, painting the town with tulips (and posters and t-shirts) involving public officials and raising awareness online.
  • Learn: Includes tips for linking with your local library, making Parkinson’s a part of health fairs and events, partnering with professionals and sharing your creativity.
  • Support: Includes tips on getting back to basics, using your creativity, challenging your campus, or using your sport or business to benefit the cause.
  • Awareness Tools: Includes templates, posters, stickers, educational materials and more, to help you plan and promote your awareness activity.

This kit is helpful in raising awareness at anytime of year, and is also designed to help you prepare for Parkinson's Awareness Month, which takes place each April.

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