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Please note when reviewing your publication order that you may request up to 50 copies of a particular publication for your practice, hospital or support group, with the exception of the Introductory Packet, which is limited to one per order.  If you would like to request a bulk order of more than 50, please contact us by calling (800) 457-6676 or emailing info@pdf.org.

Additionally, please be advised that when you are asked to review your order information, in order to protect your privacy, we will only display  the last line of your mailing address. 

Send Publications in Non Branded Envelope 

If you would like to receive your order in a plain envelope - which will include a return address, but no mention of the words Parkinson's or Disease, please select this item and add it to your cart.

If you do not choose this option, your order will be mailed to you in a business envelope with the name of our organization, Parkinson's Disease Foundation, or PDF, printed on it unless you select this item to add to your cart.

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