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The grassroots fundraising of PDF Champions makes it possible for us to fund the work of leading Parkinson’s scientists and support national education and advocacy programs.   When you join PDF Champions now, you join a group with a goal of raising $200,000 by June 2014!

Are you interested in hosting a fundraiser?  Do you prefer to create a tribute page in honor of a loved one? Find out more about each option:

PDF Champions

PDF Champions host a variety of creative events. Browse their past efforts here to find ideas. If you are interested in this option, take the first step by registering below.

A $25 registration fee will be applied towards your fundraising goal. If you are a returning PDF Champion, you do not need to re-register, but will need to create a new fundraising page to ensure donations are applied correctly.

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PDF Tulip Tribute Funds

Are you looking to honor a loved one? PDF Tulip Tribute Funds are personalized web pages created in memory of a loved one touched by Parkinson’s disease.  You may upload pictures and tell the story of the person you are paying tribute to and collect donations online.  

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PDF Champions Progress

Goal:  $200,000.00

Total Raised:  $63,184.60

Number of Champions:  44