Why should we support PDF research programs? To give our grandchildren a world without Parkinson's disease.

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Dear PDF Community:

Why should you support the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s research programs? I can give you at least three reasons: my grandsons Jeremy, Brandon and Nathan.

Parkinson’s disease has already affected two generations in our family. My father — a proud Navy veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam — died with Parkinson's disease. And today, I also live with the disease.

Because this chronic and progressive disease may be hereditary for some families, for me it has become imperative to help find a cure as soon as possible — to ensure that my grandsons are never diagnosed.

Finding better treatments and a cure can take years of research and cost money. No single person has to do it all, but each of us can do a little bit.

And when we do our part by donating, then PDF-funded scientists can do theirs — by solving, treating and ending Parkinson’s.

Together, we’ll get there. I encourage everyone who has been touched by Parkinson's disease in some way to step up and make a difference.

Make a donation now so we can put an end to Parkinson's disease.

There are many grandchildren who will appreciate your generosity, including mine.

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A.C. Woolnough


A.C. Woolnough

Member, People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation


PD in My Family
Robert Woolnough

My father, Robert Woolnough,
circa 1955


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Thanks to our low administrative costs, 80% of our budget goes directly to Parkinson’s research, education and advocacy. Make a donation today to support our mission. Thank you for your generosity.

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