Is there a PD topic about which you, your loved ones or your patients would like to learn more? Tell us by taking our three-question poll by next Tuesday, May 19. Based on your feedback, we will choose new topics for our upcoming webinars.

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PD ExpertBriefings Topic Survey

Which topics should PDF address in upcoming educational programs? Please share your thoughts so we can plan future programs, including our webinars, or PD ExpertBriefings.

Over the past eight years, we have hosted more than 50 webinars in which Parkinson’s experts have shared tips on managing medications, preventing falls, improving nutrition and more.

But we need your help in understanding which topics are most important to the PD community now.

Here are sample topics you can rate in our poll:

  • Why Am I Losing Interest? Apathy in Parkinson's Disease
  • Understanding Nutrition & Parkinson's Disease
  • Managing Anxiety in Parkinson's Disease
Rate these topics and others and suggest new ideas!
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P.S.: Wondering what’s already been covered? Browse our library of recorded seminars here and view online any time of day.

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