Thank you for voting for the cover of the 2015 PDF Creativity and PD Calendar! See the winning image, meet the artist living with PD who created it and pre-order your free copy today.

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"Lake Jenny" Wins 2015 Creativity and Parkinson’s Calendar Cover Contest


Thank you for helping to choose the cover image for the 2015 PDF Creativity and Parkinson's Calendar. Amongst the five finalists, the community chose …


Creativity Calendar Cover, Lake Jenny.  Photo taken by Marica Smith.

Lake Jenny, Photograph
Taken by Marcia Smith, Dauphin Island, AL

“I am so honored to be in the top five contenders for this wonderful project. There are so many wonderful pieces of work,and this is an awesome way to spread information about Parkinson’s disease. I have lived with the disease about 20 years, and while it has closed some doors, it has opened others that have given me passions I did not know existed. After my diagnosis, I was ‘dared’ into trying a paint-by-number and I decided to prove I could do it. After a few weeks, I realized I was able to paint. I have since made about 70 paintings and developed a passion for photography, which goes hand in hand with the painting. I take a photo and then paint what I see.” ~Ms. Smith

The calendar, now in its ninth year, features works of art by 13 people living with Parkinson's. Did you already pre-order your free copy? If not, use the link below and a copy will be mailed to you by October.

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