It’s Parkinson’s Awareness Month! See how the pros are making a difference and double your difference through The Light of Day Foundation $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge!

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Pro Tip #1 from the Dietenhofers: Double Your Donations

Did you know that during April only, The Light of Day Foundation will match your donation to PD research for up to $100,000? PDF Champions like Lynne, Scott and Julie Dietenhofer, who raised $5,000 through, “Pucks for Parkinson’s,” last week, are taking advantage of the challenge by fundraising in April. Every dollar they raised will be doubled! “If we can raise funds to find a cure so other people don’t have to go through what our father George did, then we have been successful,” said Lynne.

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Chris Creveling and John Robertson

Pro Tip #2 from John and Chris: Make PD a Part of Health Fairs

Does your community offer health fairs? Make PD a part of them, just like PDF Research Advocates John Creveling and Chris Robertson did in Philadelphia, PA, earlier this week.  They contacted the organizers of the South Philadelphia Senior Health Fair, and offered to host a Parkinson’s table featuring free PDF educational materials. “It was a rewarding experience on many levels, including the stories people shared about loved ones who live with PD,” they said.

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Mary Jo Baldion in front of a block of the Parkin's Quilt.

Pro Tip #3 from Mary Jo: Display the PD Quilt

What’s a powerful way to show the impact of Parkinson’s? Showcase a block of the Parkinson’s Quilt like Mary Jo Baldino, B.S., R.N. and the Greater Chester County Chapter National Geriatric Nurses Association.  The group rented a block of the quilt to display at their Parkinson’s Workshop on April 5 in Coatesville, PA. They welcomed 35 people with PD, family members and health professionals.  There are 42 blocks of the quilt available for rent, which could be the perfect item to display at your library, educational event, community center or hospital.

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