April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month! How can you make a difference? Find tips and order supplies from PDF’s online toolkit.

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How can you share awareness? Browse our online toolkit for tips on putting PD in the papers, painting the town with tulips (and posters and t-shirts like Ruth’s!) involving public officials and raising awareness online.

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How can you ensure the community has access to the latest information on Parkinson’s? Find tips for linking with your local library, making Parkinson’s a part of health fairs and events, partnering with professionals and sharing your creativity.

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How can you donate or fundraise in your community? Find tips on getting back to basics, using your creativity, challenging your campus, or using your sport or business to benefit the cause.

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How to Get Started

Use our tools to get started. Browse the toolkit, download template letters to the editor, and order our free materials or those for purchase such as car magnets, t-shirts, hats or wristbands.

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Question of the Week

How can I create an awareness display at the library?

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80 Percent

Our Commitment to Efficiency
Thanks to our low administrative costs, 80% of our budget goes directly to Parkinson’s research, education and advocacy. Make a donation today to support our mission. Thank you for your generosity.

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