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2012 Marine Corps Marathon
Date of Event: 10/28/2012
Location: Quantico, VA
Dear friends and family,

My father, Bob Gunter, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 42, when I was 9 years old. He continued to work at Newport News Shipbuilding, doing the job he loved until he was 52, at which age he retired and I started college. Since I am away at Virginia Tech for most of the year, I don’t get many chances to spend time with my dad, doing the activities we have always enjoyed together, such as biking, going to the gym, and critiquing breakfast menus at local diners. Infrequent visits home also make the effects of a degenerative disease more apparent and disheartening.

Although research efforts are ongoing, no cure for Parkinson’s disease currently exists. This fall as I complete my final semester of my undergraduate degree, I am searching for constructive ways to cope with Parkinson’s. Hard work and commitment are two of the values my dad helped to instill in me from a young age; such values are manifest in both his professional and personal life, which I strive to reflect in my own relationships, research endeavors, and academic record. When I discovered the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Marathon Team, I decided to take on the challenge. I have always enjoyed distance running, but I have never before trained for a race of this magnitude. Running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th in Quantico, Virginia, with the support of friends and family and with a great deal of hard work, will serve to honor my father and other Parkinson’s patients and their families by raising awareness and by contributing to research efforts so that others may not have to live with this disease in the future.

Working with four teammates from across the country, we hope to collectively raise $10,000 for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF), which received four stars for fiscal management from Charity Navigator and is considered a Top-Rated charity by the American Institute of Philanthropy, receiving an “A” score on the Institute’s online database. I am writing to present you with the opportunity to help us fight back against a disease which has profoundly affected my family and many other families and individuals. If you are interested in helping to sponsor my race, you can donate online by clicking the "DONATE NOW" button in the top righthand corner of this page or by sending a check made out to 'Parkinson's Disease Foundation' to me at 511 Progress St, Blacksburg, VA, 24060. PDF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your support!



***As of 10/4, I have raised a total of $10,549 (mailed checks and online donations combined) thanks to the generous support of wonderful friends and family! Please help me to reach my new goal of $20,000!
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